Производители и потребители мировой химической и фармацевтической продукции

О компании

Компания ROW2 TecnologiesPvt. Inc. предоставляет точную и своевременную информацию химическим и фармацевтическим предприятиям во всем мире. База данных CmartChem является эффективным инструментом для отделов маркетинга, R&D, закупок и продаж и позволяют осуществлять конкурентный анализ химической и фармацевтической отрасли, налаживать партнерские связи, осуществлять поиск потенциальных покупателей и продавцов, отслеживать новые продукты и налаживать взаимовыгодное сотрудничество.

Board Of Directors

Shekhar Iyer


Shekhar has the flair for operations management and has hands-on experience in managing company operations since their inception.

He was previously head of the capital market fiduciary services division for Chase Manhattan Bank in India. He was responsible for creating, marketing and delivering products to corporate clients in 12 years with Chase’s corporate finance and global services divisions. He has 11 years of prior experience with the Bank of India, where he helped create a computerized credit information and monitoring system that later became an industry standard. Shekhar holds a Masters in Administrative Management from Bombay University.

Kannan Narain


Mr. Kannan Narain is known for his impeccable business ethics and vast practical experience in diverse industries.

He is a veteran of the shipping industry in Mumbai and has been a Freight Broker for the past 23 years. He is a Founder of Staarship Technologies, which provided both online and offline solutions to the international shipping trade and logistics community. In addition, he is also on the visiting faculty of some distinguished management institutes in Mumbai.

Management Team


Shrikant Pradhan

Chief Executive Officer

My goal is to achieve:
Complete customer satisfaction, including highest product quality offerings and customer service, provide a positive working environment to our employees, retain and attract highest quality talent and provide a good return on investment to our investors. My prior work experience includes, over 10 years with Quest Industries, LLC, with primary focus on Business Development and Customer Service and over 22 years with Becton Dickinson, New Jersey based Health Care Company, with focus on R&D and Product Management. I am very proud to introduce my support staff that is committed to work hard towards our company goals.


Anand Ramakrishnan

Vice President- Sales & Operations

Heading the company’s worldwide sales function, Anand is a commerce graduate from Mumbai University and associated with SmartChem since it’s inception in 2000. Anand’s product knowledge and highly commended customer service right down to individual attention makes him the go-to man for ROW2’s customers.


Swati Sawant

Vice President- Business Strategy

Holding a Master’s Degree in Organic Chemistry from Mumbai University along with a post graduate diploma in Patent Law and Practice, was only the beginning for this highly talented and versatile head of ROW2’s chemistry team overseeing updating and development activities for Smartchem. Ever since her joining ROW2 in 2001, Swati has grown to shoulder many a responsibilities. From planning and executing new enhancements in SmartChem to Business Development activities for RouteDesign and Maximizer, Swati continues to deliver on all fronts consistently and help ROW2 raise the bar for it’s products.


Harshada Shivalkar

Manager-Business Development

In charge of the AfterSales service of SmartChem, Harshada is also a key member of the Chemistry team for RouteDesign and Maximizer. While leading the highly demanding and customer focused exclusive service of SmartChem, she also doubles with her highly exemplary skill set to oversee the daily chemical research activities for SmartChem database. With her Masters in Organic Chemistry (Mumbai University), and a Post Graduate Diploma in Patent Law and Practice, Harshada has been in invaluable asset for ROW2 since 2001, and is a key figure for ROW2’s AfterSales service, research and product development.


Kena Pereira

Manager-Global Sourcing

Kena’s expertise in working with databases coupled with sound analytical skills has made her a valuable asset of ROW2 since 2000. In charge of ROW2’s commercial team managing suppliers and manufacturers information in SmartChem she is instrumental in validating supplier information and keeping it up to date.

Александр Прохоренко

Представитель компании ROW2 Tecnologies Pvt. Inc. в России и странах СНГ

Закончил Санкт-Петербургский Университет экономики и финансов. Является руководителем нескольких предприятий, поставляющих товары государственным заказчикам в сфере образования и культуры.